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Bring your flexible
workspaces to life

Because booking rooms
is just the tip of the iceberg.


Turn your space into a destination

Flex is about more than just space-on-demand—it’s about community, experience, and making the workplace a place to be.

Lane makes it easy to manage your events, amenities, membership perks, and just about every other touchpoint you can think of.


Leverage data to drive smarter decision-making

Learn what your members like—and what they don’t—so you can continuously refine the experience.

Analyze booking and engagement data to optimize revenue and drive retention and acquisition.


Manage your flex and your traditional CRE from a single environment

One workplace, one command center. Not only is it easier for you—it’s more consistent for them.

Whether it’s for your traditional tenants or your flex members, Lane lets you define the workplace experience across your entire portfolio.

From payments to data, Lane has the building blocks to match your unique space.

Make booking and payments a breeze

  • Browse hot desks, boardrooms, event spaces, and more
  • Filter search by room size or amenities
  • In-app payments via credit and debit
  • Integrations for credits and invoicing
  • Surge pricing for peak periods
  • Order catering, request cleaning, invite guests

Build community with smart content, events, and hospitality

  • Create, schedule, and promote interactive content
  • Manage virtual and live events, workshops, and socials
  • Offer perks, rewards, and discounts
  • Track engagement and RSVPs
  • Promote on-site retailers

Manage access, permissions, and more

  • Define membership tiers with varied pricing and availability
  • Control admin permissions and user types
  • Automate notifications for booking requests and cancellations
  • Digital visitor registration and delivery system
  • Track maintenance and cleaning requests
  • Touchless building and suite entry via HID or Safetrust

Communicate to every member directly

  • House core information (WiFi, printing, safety)
  • Communicate key updates via in-app notices, push notifications, SMS/text, and email
  • Guest notifications and event reminders
  • Contact form submissions for on-site manager


  • Measure tenant adoption, reach, and engagement by company or membership tier
  • Gather feedback directly from flex members to inform decisions
  • Evaluate what space-types and booking hours are reserved the most
  • Understand what content, events, and amenities are most popular
  • Frequency of inbound service and maintenance requests

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