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Platform Overview

the workplace
—every square
foot of it.

From unlocking doors to activating events, Lane connects the dots to make the workplace go smarter.

Mobile Access

Enable building, suite, and room entry with the simple tap of a phone.

No More Fobs or Keycards
Simplify access, security, and identity management

Go Contactless
Enable touchless entry via Bluetooth and QR code

Visitor Management

Simplify the check-in experience while improving security and access

Mobile Invitations
Allow tenants to invite guests from their mobile phone for seamless check-in via QR code

Guest Identity
Make it easy for security to confirm if visitors are able to enter the building

Automatic Notifications
Notify tenants automatically via SMS (text) or push notification when their guest has arrived

Let visitors accept invitations and gain entry without needing to download the app

Resource Booking

Unlock your amenities through easy-to-use mobile booking

Space Made Simple
From conference rooms to yoga studios to freight elevators and beyond

Unlock Flex
Manage your flex offerings and coworking spaces with Ease

Go Data-Driven
Track amenity utilization to drive decision-making

Tailored Settings
Configure everything from tenant access and payments to guest invitations

Retail & Payments

Connect tenants with retailers to build a thriving commercial marketplace.

Easy E-Commerce
Browse retailers and menus, make secure in-app Purchases

Coordinate restaurant orders, pickups, and deliveries

Perks & Promotions
Promote your retailers while offering tenant discounts

Monetize Services
Offer monetized building services like transportation, daycare, and fitness classes


Keep tenants informed, engaged, and in the loop

Core Info
Offer key building information like WiFi, retail directory, and tenant handbook

Send important updates via push notification, SMS (text), and email

Targeting & Segmentation
Target content to specific tenants or groups

Calendar & Scheduling
Plan and schedule posts to go live in advance

Drag-and-Drop Builder
Customize pages, posts and notices just how you like them

Template & Media Library
Save page templates and images for quick and easy redeployment

Push to the mobile app, building screens, or both

Interactive Content
Contests, polls, and surveys

Content Analytics
Impressions, interactions, read time, and more

Event Management

Drive awareness and attendance to build community like nowhere else

Ticketing Made Easy
Manage tickets and payments inside a single app

RSVPs & Check-Ins
Gauge interest and track attendance to prepare accordingly

Events Calendar
Keep track of your programming in a single view

Data & Insights
Learn what your tenants like to refine your programming over time

Multi-Channel Promotions
Reach your audience via push notification, SMS (text), and email

Targeting & Segmentation
Promote events to specific tenants or groups

Push to the mobile app, building screens, or both to promote events and building happenings

Virtual Events
Offer online activities, socials, and classes to engage tenants wherever they are

Calendar Integration
Tenants can add events to their personal calendar (e.g. Google) with a single tap

Building Operations

Make operations easy and efficient with a single, all-in-one web dashboard

One Log-In, One Experience
Bring everything together with a single sign-on (SSO) Solution

Digital Toolkit
Speed up manual processes through digital forms, booking systems, and more

Workflows Engine
Set up “notification flows” to streamline processes for everything from work orders and deliveries to cleaning and waste management

User Management
Manage permissions and roles across your portfolio—and within each building

Data & Analytics

Leverage data and analytics to understand your tenants’ interests and drive smarter decision-making

Data Dashboard
Track adoption, reach, and monthly active use—all in a single view

Performance Analytics
Measure everything from event attendance and content engagement to retail promotions and amenity utilization

Tenant Feedback
Deploy surveys and polls to measure tenant satisfaction and collect valuable feedback

Filter Data
View tenant data at the building, regional, or portfolio level

Meet Our Integration Partners

Beyond Lane’s native functionality, we partner with the best in the business, leveraging open APIs to deliver a seamless, single-sign-on experience.

Modular Technology

Experience the Lane Difference

There’s room booking and then there’s room booking. Lane’s modular technology lets you tailor features to meet the exact needs of your property—and to do so at the building, region, and portfolio level—all with just a few clicks.

Security & Compliance

Protect your tenants’ data while keeping everything running smoothly

Works On Any Platform or Device
Applications for iOS, Android, and Web

Security You Can Trust
GDPR and SOC 2 compliant with end-to-end encryption

Enterprise-Grade Reliability
Always-on, cloud-hosted environment (AWS) with >99% uptime

Hassle-Free Updates
Over-the-air updates to ensure our applications are always up to date

Trained Support Team
Unlimited technical support