Workplace Experience in the time of COVID-19

Here at Lane, we make workplaces work. But with the onset of a pandemic affecting millions worldwide, workplace experience has taken on a new definition.

We created Lane to be a solution for in-the-moment communications and automated workflows, so that property teams can quickly and proactively convey vital information to their communities.

Internal building teams in security and maintenance, key tenant contacts, employees, retail managers and service providers, are all able to receive meaningful, timely information about closures, policy changes, notices and alerts, via SMS, email or push notifications.

In times like these, we recognize the power in delivering a simple message, to those that need to hear it.

For our staff, we are emphasizing our team intentions: to connect, collaborate, communicate and conquer. Despite the social distancing, we’re working toward a common goal.

Lane’s offices in Toronto, Denver and New York have discontinued all travel and in-office work, but instead, we are using our instance of the Lane platform to keep on top of internal communications around the rapid changes to our health and safety, policy changes, and work-from-home perks and amenities.

We’re unshy to over-communicate, check-in on one another, and share our WFH experiences. We’re making the effort to keep video included in all conversations, sharing resources for playlists, desk stretches, guided meditations and exercise routines. We’re even scheduling remote socials, complete with delivered dinners. Each member of our team has also been allocated a fund to make their home offices more ergonomic. It’s the little things that make all the difference.

During this time, we’re staying put and prioritizing the health and safety of our staff, families and community. We’d like to extend our thanks to all members of the Lane community that are doing the same.

Our offices may be closed, but we are still online and open to provide support to our clients. Please reach out if there is anything we can further assist you with.

Let’s remind ourselves to communicate. To be empathetic. To be safe. It’s up to us to redefine how this situation follows through.

Our well wishes go out to all those affected by the pandemic and the front-line workers doing everything they can.

Stay Healthy,

Clint and Kofi