Lane Wins First Place in Automation and IoT at CREtech’s Real Estate Tech Awards

On September 5th, 2019, CREtech presented the Sixth Annual Real Estate Tech Awards (#RETAS) and announced winners exemplifying excellence in commercial real estate technology. Here at Lane, we are proud to share that we have earned the first place award in the Automation and IoT category.

RETAS real estate awards

The goal of the #RETAS are to recognize the most cutting-edge companies who have played an integral role in advancing tech in the industry throughout the year. The awards are presented by CREtech, the largest event, data and content platform in the commercial real estate tech industry.

The champion selections were made by #RETAS elite panel of judges, including the leading VC’s, angel investors, corporate investors and thought leaders in the world of commercial real estate technology.

As Clinton Robinson, our co-founder and CEO described, “At Lane, we strive to be the most comprehensive tool for landlords to bring physical spaces to life for tenants. We are honored to be recognized for our work to date and look forward to continuing to innovate through AI and machine learning, streamlining systems for some of the built world’s most prized assets.”

Creating our space in the world of CRE tech means coming face to face with a stark contrast on a daily basis. We’re developing abstract, intangible, tech solutions to complement the very physical, built ecosystem that is corporate real estate.

“In an increasingly service-centric world, brick-and-mortar is being replaced with automation and predictive data,” says Lane CPO, Kofi Gyekye, “sky skimming towers of glass, concrete and steel, are nothing without the humanistic approach to serving the modern professional.”

Along with the benefits to the end-user, property management teams continually look for ways to easily and seamlessly work in more intelligent flows. Processes organized; modalities centralized. Basing business decisions off of tracked analytics and engagement metrics help make better use of building services, facilities and much more pragmatic choices overall.

Our team, here at Lane, is honoured to place first in the Automation and IoT category. We are proud to keep building the seamless technology needed for operation management teams in the built world to work effectively. Our operating software unifies and streamlines workflows and can evolve to grow as the needs of a portfolio emerge. Our platform is configurable and created to take on the branding, identity and automation needs of our client through our powerful API.

We are proud to plant our flag, here, on the crux of tech and real estate, to ensure that world-class workplace experience is brought to every office in the world. Special thanks to CREtech for recognizing our mission.