Announcement from our Founders and Leadership Team


What a wild ride everyone.  

We can’t believe it was just three years ago, almost to the day, when Lane did a seed round and launched this roller coaster.  

It looked like a classic startup story.  Three founders (Clinton Robinson, Kofi Gyekye and Rhea Claus) with a house as our office, working day and night non-stop, trying to keep our first customer super happy. We brought on Rob Price to round out the team shortly after, (who interviewed 30 other startups and decided to join us! Talk about a leap of faith).

A classic startup story, but Lane is not a classic startup by any means.  It’s a radically different kind of founding team, tackling one of the most old school, undisrupted, and sometimes tech-allergic industries.  

We don’t look like everyone else, and we sure don’t think like anyone else.  It really comes across in the world class team we built around us.  And it really shows in the international reputation we built for ourselves.  Lane is the company you come to for an honest answer and a product that works.  We’re known for putting our customers first and building the best tech they actually need (hey, we didn’t even have a sales and marketing team until a few quarters ago).

When you put that all together, you get one of the fastest growing tech companies to hit Toronto; Lane grew 40x over these three years; our team grew from 3 to over 100; the platform grew from Toronto to 40 major cities in 11 countries around the world.

And just as we thought our ride had hit all the high points, we’re entering onto an entirely new track; and we could not be more excited.  

We are becoming part of the VTS team.  This means great things for our customers, our team, and the entire industry.  Joining VTS creates the best tech, the best team, and the resources to serve an entire industry.  This means for our existing customers they can expect even more great technology and service from Lane, and also the power of the full VTS platform.  

There are a lot of offices out there, with a lot of people getting back to work in them.  And by joining the VTS team we can make sure each one of them is going to get the great experience they deserve!

Thanks everyone!

Clinton Robinson, Kofi Gyekye, Rhea Claus, Rob Price and the whole team at Lane.

Read official press release here.