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$10,000 in donations

World-class office complex, Bay Adelaide Centre (BAC) is the integral meeting place for thousands of employees reporting in to accomplish great work each day. Busy tenants navigate their 9-5 with very little wavering from their routine.

When the opportunity arose to create an event to delight tenants, BAC partnered with experiential marketing studio, USFUL, to erect Toronto’s first urban tulip garden to raise awareness for the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH). CAMH is Canada’s largest mental health facility, supporting research and driving better access to mental health care for all Canadians. In preparation for the events, Lane’s workplace experience platform was used to engage individuals with the activation and to take part in the call-to-action: donating to CAMH.

Flower bed

Arnell Plaza, a pavilion at the heart of BAC was the ideal epicentre for a 50 x 20 foot tulip garden. Over 11,000 fresh tulips were brought in; blooming in their original plots. Hundreds of people were able to tip-toe through the rows of lush florals, snip their selections to size, and gather their tulips into a bunch. Bouquets were then meticulously wrapped by the floral team, becoming the perfect gift to celebrate the arrival of spring.

The Lane app was used to pre-promote the event, along with a direct link to making an online donation to the CAMH Foundation. BAC boasts a platform adoption rate of over 78%, symbolizing over 9,000 active Lane users. The content surrounding the tulip garden on the Lane platform successfully garnered over 6,000 impressions, with over 70% of those views including interactions and click-throughs.

BAC blooms

Smiles were abound as one after the next interacted with the activation while learning about the important work being done at CAMH. The enthusiasm in the plaza was positively contagious.

In total, the pop-up garden raised $10,000 for this incredible cause and served as a reminder that it is important to simply stop and smell the flowers every now and then.

Cutting flowers
Bunch of flowers
Man with flowers
People in garden
People picking flowers