Return to Workplace Toolkit

Drive tenant awareness, safety, and trust with our Return to Workplace feature suite.

The return to work is a many-sided problem. That’s why we created a many-sided solution.

Meet the Return to Workplace Toolkit, a four-part feature suite designed to help tackle some of the main return-to-workplace challenges faced by property managers and their tenants today.

From communicating health information to collecting tenant feedback, these four Lane features can help you build tenant awareness, safety, and trust.

Let’s dive in, shall we?

1. Mobile Access

Minimize contact and maximize safety through smartphone-based entry.

Touchless Access

Enable touchless mobile entry via Bluetooth or QR code to minimize surface contact.

Capacity Management

Define access at the building, floor, suite, and room level to prevent overcrowding and promote physical distancing.

Remote Permissions

Grant and modify tenant access without in-person handoffs or paper documentation.

Integration Partners

We leverage open APIs to partner with industry-leading solutions like Safetrust and HID.

*Mobile Access available for general adoption in 2021.

2. Visitor Management

Track guests & deliveries to manage occupancy, coordinate timelines, and minimize risk.

Configurable Access
Restrict visitor access to specific floors, suites, and/or time windows to manage occupancy and social distancing.

QR Code Check-in (Touchless)
Allow visitors to check in on their smart device without putting pen to paper or needing to download the app.

Contact Tracing
Guest identities are automatically logged for quick contact tracing.

Automatic Notifications
Notify tenants and/or select building staff when their guest has arrived.

Pre-Screening Questionnaire
Require guests to answer a COVID-19 screening survey on their personal device prior to entry.

3. Resource Booking

Manage your spaces, schedules, and occupancy limits through easy-to-use mobile booking.

Resource Bookings
From conference rooms to yoga studios to freight elevators and beyond, allow tenants to book amenities and make appointments straight from their mobile phone.

Manage Capacity
Define capacity limits per resource per time period to prevent overcrowding.

Tenant Scheduling
Allow workplace members to book the day (or time) they’d like to come into the office, and coordinate tenant schedules so the whole building is in sync.

Track Utilization
Monitor booking data over time to identify over- and under-utilization. Adapt building practices to prevent crowds while keeping amenities open.

4. Communications

Keep tenants in the loop on your health and safety measures—not just before the return to office, but as changes arise moving forward.

Core Health Information
Provide tenants with essential health and safety information like cleaning schedules, hand sanitizer stations, screening practices, and social distancing tips.

News, Notices, and Updates
Send important updates like new hours of operation or COVID-19 alerts via push notification, SMS (text), inapp, and/or email.

Tenant Surveys and Polls
Collect feedback from tenants to see how you’re doing and learn how to make them feel even more safe coming back to work.

Digital Health Forms
Allow tenants to anonymously report a symptom or illness for immediate building team notification and contact tracing.

Supplemental Health Content
Educate tenants about where to get a COVID-19 test, when to expect test results, COVID-19 risk factors, and more.

Virtual Wellness
Offer virtual fitness classes, mental health resources, and targeted wellness content to offer support on an ongoing basis.

Transit & City Guides
Integrate with services like TransitScreen to enable tenants to plan and time their commute, stay in the loop on updates and emergencies, and navigate underground pathways when crowds are at a minimum.

COVID-19 Health & Safety Information

Need health and safety content for your tenants?
Our COVID-19 Response Package contains pre-built templates, content, and guides that upload directly to the app.

Already have content?
We’ll gladly take any of your COVID-19 materials, digitize them, and bring them onto the Lane platform in an easy-to-consume and interactive format.

To learn more about how we can help build trust and coordinate a safe return to the workplace for your tenants, read our report on the 5 return to work challenges—and how Lane can help.

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