Best Practices for Hosting Events with Lane

The choice has been finalized and your office building has joined the ranks of other world-class workplaces using Lane.

The platform is finally at your fingertips; but now the real project begins: conveying to the hundreds, if not thousands of tenants making use of the space daily, that one simple platform can harness, manage, and enrich the entire workplace ecosystem.

An event is usually a great place to start. Either as a launch event, or simply to remind tenants in the building that Lane exists to be a stand-alone platform and resource for building services and information.

Although planning an event can sometimes be a source of anxiety, there are ways to work around this hurdle. Through careful planning and enlisting the right resources to help, the outcome of an event is a way to show tenants that you want to engage with them and support them in order to build meaningful relationships.

Low-to-No Budget Events

A challenge often faced by properties, when it comes to hosting an event, is finding the extra budget to match the scope of what is required. There are ways to engage the neighbourhood and invite them to join in on your event so that all parties are able to reap the benefits.

• Reach out to any onsite or local retail, and explore if they would be willing to partner with you on a tenant event. The retailer benefits by promoting their business to the specific tenant population. For example, a local coffee shop can give away a week of free coffee, solely to building tenants, to spin off a sort of loyalty program.

• Do some outreach to see if any existing office tenants have services they would want to promote to the other tenants. As an example, a medical facility running a monthly lunch and learn around wellness could be a great way for both the property team and tenants in the building to come out and spend time for a shared reason.

• Although property managers are in the business of square footage, a shared space for an event may be out of reach. Explore the opportunity to innovate and create a digital ‘event’ on Lane. For instance, run a monthly contest for your tenants. The repetition and incentive to participate will keep your audience coming back again and again. And although it may not be an in-person event, it is a way to capitalize on your tenants’ attention.

Team Resources

As the property team is understandably quite busy during any given event, hiring additional help is strongly advised. Typically customer service representatives or brand ambassadors for hire will be experienced in similar activations, approaching tenants, communicating the value of the platform and facilitating any prizing that might accompany the event.


With a team, discuss the necessary requirements of the launch event and be careful to sort the “wants” apart from the “needs”. Top of mind should be the purpose and goal of the event, so each new idea on the drawing board connects back to “the why”. Plan out what resources are required internally versus partners and vendors that will be sourced externally.


Decide on a goal event date, and plot out timelines by working backward from the date. Make adjustments to durations as required. As a general practice, set deadlines internally that leave room for errors or delays. Always be communicative about these timelines with the entirety of the team to ensure that expectations are attainable and so that no one is feeling rushed close to the day of the event.

Material Resources

• Promo collateral: With any event that needs to be marketed, additional promotional collateral will need to be factored into cost and timelines as well. This might include lobby posters, desk drops (printed sheets/bookmarks) or third-party design work.

• Equipment & decor: There may also be the need for equipment or decor rentals which might include, stands, tables, chairs, etc.

• Onboarding Materials: Often it may be a good idea to involve brand ambassadors at the site of the event to help guide the onboarding process. They can give out a quick hand-out with download details in a pamphlet or bookmark. Alternatively, they can be set up with tablets in hand. Ambassadors can collect names and emails, and send off registration emails right away. One step closer to getting all members of the workplace community onto the platform, in one click!

Despite challenges that may come with planning and executing successful events, they are often an excellent gauge of understanding how the property team can work together to capitalize on opportunities and to measure the engagement levels in any particular building. Take time and reflect on how the event came together by coming up with ‘lessons learned’ to take forward for future teams and events.

Looking to host a launch? Download our Case Study:

Best Practices for Hosting a Launch Event