Workplace Wellness: Bringing Wellness to Work with hOM

Workplace wellness helps uplift and unite members of a building community. Introducing our partnership with best-in-class workplace wellness provider hOM.

hOM is a subscription-based wellness and community management platform for property managers. With hOM, existing spaces can be activated with custom-built amenity packages that include a variety of fitness classes and social events, facilitated by hOM’s staff. 

With hOM, tenants feel a renewed sense of place and strengthened community bonds. 72% of participants surveyed felt a sense of gratitude in their workplace and 86% were very likely to recommend hOM to their friends, family members, or other colleagues.

Building tenants can expect the same seamless look and feel of Lane, now with a way to RSVP to hOM yoga classes, cooking lessons, or many other types of innovative wellness activations. Some special events invite participants to spin for their smoothie— pedal away on a stationary bike to power the attached blender, whipping up a nutritious smoothie to share.

Using Lane with hOM is a great way to introduce healthy-living moments into the workplace. Wellness is not a trend. It is a meaningful facet of all of our lives. 64% of corporate real estate executives identify amenities including Health & Wellness as most important to their workforce occupying their buildings. It only makes sense to use technology to pair people with places to prompt wellness opportunities. 

In an interview with Propmodo, hOM CEO and Co-Founder Francesca Loftus explained, “With hOM and Lane working together, you add a layer that no other platform has. That is boots on the ground customer service, community building, seamless vendor management and direct interface with the tenants and the property staff. This increases both stickiness on the Lane platform and usage/engagement in hOM’s products and services. We also can innovate and adjust strategy quickly because we have a direct feedback loop from the end customers in the building; the tenant.”

Often there are quite a few barriers of entry that become obstacles between individuals and their wellness goals. Feeling too busy, too novice, or not being able to afford attending classes, can stand in the way. 

Increasingly, office landlords acknowledge these obstacles and choose wellness activations that can take place in under-utilized spaces within the office building, as a way to accommodate their tenants, while adding value to their properties. 

Many participants confirm that taking the time to unplug, de-stress and focus on oneself is an excellent way to improve productivity once back at work. A mindful balance of priorities helps alleviate burnout and leads to improved rates of job and workplace satisfaction.

We’re very excited to partner with hOM to bring more meaningful wellness moments to every modern professional.

To learn more about how Lane can help you with workplace wellness, get in touch, or request a demo today. Did we mention we’re hiring? To learn more about roles at Lane, visit our careers page.