Workplace Crisis Management: Communicating with Tenants During a Pandemic

Now more than ever it is important to establish clear lines of communication with your tenants. Communications are the essence of workplace crisis management.

We began Lane with one mission in mind. To connect people to their places of work in meaningful ways. Despite the onset of the global Coronavirus pandemic, our goal remains the same. 

One quarter into 2020, and as a human race, we are facing a tremendous international confrontation. An illness without a cure affecting millions of individuals and families, and coming face-to-face with what we consider “essential” in times of crisis. It is a stark realization of how quickly circumstances can change. 

What we once knew about the nature of work, is very quickly becoming the future of work brought to us today. Our traditional work structures and belief systems are being challenged now that many of us are replacing our commutes into the office, with a work-from-home environment instead.

In times like these, we all acknowledge and appreciate the value of clear communications. A simple way to convey, reassure and inform your tenants

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Helping our clients use Lane to explore this potential, is a remarkable opportunity. Property teams are communicating with their tenants on our platform in a mode that is streamlined, simple and concise. As we all practice social distancing, and although some high-touch services may be temporarily suspended, and events are being postponed, communications can never go silent when fostering a meaningful workplace experience for the modern professional. 

Now more than ever is the time to allow services and amenities to become digitized, automated and rerouted. A better way exists to keep the movement of a building thriving on:

  • Instead of yoga sessions offered in the wellness rooms, property teams can inform their tenants, despite being off-site, of the variety of virtual fitness and health events taking place every day online via webinar and live streaming.
  • Rather than offers on restaurant experiences, using Lane is the source for updates on eateries that are now offering take-out and contactless delivery options.
  • Property teams have an easy way to convey changes to hours of operation, more stringent cleaning and sterilizing policies and tips on how to maintain social distance while in common spaces like elevators or lobbies. 

Lane hosts a way for tenants to receive timely content regarding the rapid changes to property management policies and health protocols using Notices, push notification alerts, targeted texts, and Building Guides.

Despite the climate of our workplace experience shifting so greatly over the past few weeks due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we are here to hear you. 

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