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April 28, 2020

The Proptech Paradigm Shift Part 4:

The Art of the Launch

Continuing on in our series, The Proptech Paradigm Shift, we now lean into how to best launch the platform to your population of building tenants in a workplace community.

Why a Launch?

A launch is an important piece of kicking off your workplace experience. This event is the milestone that introduces Lane’s platform to the workplace community. A launch event, either digital, in-person, or a mix of both, takes careful planning and consideration because it is the first impression tenants receive about the workplace experience that surrounds them.

An ideal launch engages your property team across departments, builds excitement, and captures the attention of early adopters at your building. It’s an unmissable opportunity to inform and educate all members of the workplace community of a new facet to their workplace experience. 

A successful launch creates a positive introduction to the platform and directly promotes app downloads and sign-ups.

On-Site Launches

Facilitating an in-person, on-site launch is a visceral experience that engages all senses. We’ve documented our ‘Best Practices for Hosting Launches’ here, and summarized our findings in our Launch Event Resource Sheet here; a coordination breakdown to make your launch a success. 

Digital Launches Today

However, due to the new era of remote work practices taking hold of workplaces today, an uncompromising solution to launching the Lane platform is to design a fully digital activation. 

Cross-Promote to Maximize Interest

Digital Launches mobilize a multi-channel strategy and can consist of:

• Email templates, including a countdown campaign to tease the platform pre-launch. Our email newsletter collateral are designed to promote the platform to your list of tenants or key contacts, providing direct links to download and register for the mobile app. 

• Digital signage in and around the building, such as digital screens by Cineplex, Captivate or Pattison in lobbies, common spaces and elevators will be outfitted with promotional displays, including scannable QR codes leading to more information about the platform.

• Promotional videos and product imagery showcasing features and navigation.

• Collateral to host a virtual walk-through or how-to webinar.

• Assets to promote on existing social channels, such as social media banner images, post images and caption copy.

• Digital materials to add to a promotional microsite.

The world of work has changed

Enlist your Property Team to Pack your Platform with Diverse Offerings

Prior to the launch, educate and support building teams on how to best use the platform for their unique use cases. 

• Engage the wellness or community programming providers with the correct permissions so they are able to begin utilizing the platform to share fitness events or experiential arts event programming respectively.

• Activate the retail community to begin publishing perks and promotions 

• Teach the maintenance team how to triage incoming cleaning and maintenance service requests to ensure the most pressing issues are solved in a timely manner.

Build Adoption and Engagement from Day One

Ensure that your property team is ready from the outset to build a positive affinity toward the platform. The enthusiasm from the core team radiates outward to all members of the community!

Remember to:

• Share the universal download URL in all promotional materials.

• Promote exclusive Perks.

• Build out an engaging Content Calendar catered to the preferences of your building subscribers.

• Provide ways to engage right away with contests, giveaways or a survey.

Ongoing Support Beyond Launch

When working with Lane, property teams can expect a full suite of support, from strategy to training and onboarding; content creation to marketing management. Our open lines of communication enable us to empower clients to reach and surpass measures of success. 

Stay tuned into our series to gain insights on how to maintain the excitement surrounding your workplace experience platform post-launch. Or as many office complexes face a large portion of their tenants working from home to practise social distancing in the era of COVID-19, using elements of digital adoption are key to reinvigorating your platform when welcoming back tenants after a period of remote work.

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