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April 17, 2020

The Proptech Paradigm Shift Part 3

The Benefits of using Lane

In continuation of our series, The Proptech Paradigm Shift, we explore the benefits of trusting an industry-leading platform like Lane, to reinforce that cumbersome legacy technologies and fragmented management tools are the ways of the past. 

With the introduction of Lane at any particular CRE building or complex, both tenants and property teams gain a simple solution to complicated demands.

Tenants receive— 

One powerful platform to enhance their workplace experience:

• The modern professional can have the same ease and digital convenience that they are used to in other aspects of their connected lifestyle, now available at their place of work.

A seamless source of truth for all building services and amenities including:

• Communications such as notices, events, or emergency alerts,

• services like guest registration concierge bookings, or security reporting intelligence, 

• and amenities like digitized access to health and wellness programming, parking facilities, or conference room bookings. 

Property Teams receive—

One technology interface for multiple sets of tools:

• Using Lane consolidates communications platforms, work order management systems, tenant surveying technology, digital advertising display screens, a perks and rewards program structure and many other integrated tech offerings, such as transit information or wellness programming.

A dashboard of key performance analytics:

• Property teams are able to track adoption rates and event attendance, or engagement of their tenants based on service and amenity usage.

Lane also teaches best practices for optimizing buildings’ offerings as well as expanding across property portfolios.

Optimizing for the best results

With Lane, CRE teams are assured that our platform is designed with flexibility in mind. 

Features are configurable and modular, based on unique building needs. If a building boasts wellness classes, Lane can help elevate the offering with a booking system. Or maybe the building is situated geographically in a high-risk seismic zone; security and safety alerts can be set and targeted as push notifications to those on the premises. 

Despite asset type; shopping centers, industrial parks or a triple class A building; there are options to infuse your workplace experience platform with attributes that boost engagement, attract tenants, retain them and add value to your property as a whole.  

The depth and breadth of our contexts, applications and integrated tooling mean that there are countless workflows that can be optimized to your needs.

Lane’s technology is beyond a mobile app. Our inclusion of a web admin portal is vital to how information is fed into building channels. This multi-interface approach engages members of the workplace community, across roles and departments. Tenants view what is curated to suit their tastes, and property managers can maximize earning potential from services and amenities on-site.

Onboard more buildings in the portfolio with ease

Our Client Services team at Lane is adept in onboarding new buildings. They nurture and re-educate property partners and create meaningful engagement in new markets. Our tried-and-tested method uncovers a way to orient goals around solving distinct property pain points and establishes understanding where others see gaps.

When strong partnerships between our team and the property partners are built to last, diversifying portfolios becomes that much easier to manage.

Data shows that using Lane leads to: 20x tenant engagement in existing building activities, 13x increased reach of employee communication and 2.2x ROI from improved productivity.

CRE executives at the leading firms choose Lane. We’ve built the future of workplaces into the palm of your hand.

Learn more about how our workplace experience platform can work for you. 

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