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April 13, 2020

The Proptech Paradigm Shift Part 2: How to Attain the Best Workplace Experience Platform

To continue in our series, this article explores the decision-making point that CRE executives of today must face. The paradigm shift has begun — now it’s up to the leaders to chart their path. 

CRE leaders are actively seeking out a tech platform that best suits their two-pronged objective:

• to streamline processes for property managers and 

• to enhance workplace experience for the modern office-goer  

At the outset, CRE execs are comparing the offerings of a variety of platform developers, but also tease the idea of building their own app. Although building an in-house tech solution may seem appealing, it is capital-intensive to hire skilled tech talent, with the competencies required to ramp up, research, develop and deploy. 

But to build or to buy? 

The challenge remains that CRE teams have earned their subject matter expertise in the built world. Developing tech platforms is a capability that is entirely different.

It becomes difficult to continually release well-developed product updates and competitive features without growing budgets devoted to R&D. These growing needs continue to take attention away from the day-to-day business that owners and asset managers would rather focus on.

Rely on the subject matter experts to guide your decision

Buying enterprise-grade SaaS from industry experts, like our team at Lane, gives owners and operators peace of mind that their workplace experience platform will be robust— while keeping costs low and the time to market quicker.

Here at Lane, though we are a team of web and mobile app platform developers, our specialty lies in creating a human-first brand of technology. 

We build it so you don’t have to.

In 2020, Lane is projected to devote over $7 million dollars and 80% of our efforts toward research and development initiatives.

Expertise from experience

Working with a skilled product development and engineering team, like ours, means that there are protocols put in place for data security and privacy of users’ account information, as well as a continuous feedback loop of agile product testing and iterative improvements.

Our team helps to define and set metrics of success so that it is easy to level-set expectations. Through our platform, day-one analytics are tracked and aggregated so there are no missed opportunities to refine offerings and modularity of the app.

Congratulations, you’ve decided on a platform and can finally begin reaping the rewards. 

Next in this series, we’ll delve into the benefits of successfully implementing a workplace experience platform in the ever-evolving modern office.

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