Emerging Definition of “Workplace Experience”

The modern workplace is an ecosystem made up of diverse, digitally native, individuals who value fluidity and a sense of community, in order to put forth their best work. Here at Lane, we are inventing the technology that becomes the central nervous system powering “workplace experience”.

Our Definition of “Workplace Experience”

From our learnings, we define “workplace experience” as the collection of feelings that a person has throughout their day about their work environment. The manifestation of how all members of the workplace community come together to interact, share space, resources, amenities, or services in an office ecosystem. The array of feelings that arise across the journey of commuting, arriving, working within, or departing at the end of the day, are all integral to workplace experience.

Every element of what is offered at a workplace, without counting the work-tasks itself, is what we call the “workplace experience”.

Workplace experience is becoming a determinant of how happy, productive and fulfilled employees feel in their place of work, playing a role in both organizational culture and the nature of work, community-wide.

On Becoming Experts in Workplace Experience

Lane works closely with the many stakeholders active in a workplace ecosystem; asset managers, landlords, retailers and tenants. Our chief product officer and co-founder, Kofi Gyekye, puts it simply: “we’re a technology company that provides the right tools for our clients in the space so that they can provide the best service”.

We have powered over 120 million square feet of commercial real estate in North America, and over 10,000 offices have enhanced their workplace experience with Lane. Thousands of individuals are on-boarded each week as we continue to be adopted by industry-leading CRE companies. 

We aim to deconstruct, define and design the technological operating system that is intended to complement workplace experience. “To do this”, as said by our CEO and co-founder, Clint Robinson, “we are building the most advanced, enterprise-grade, SaaS software platform, to manage every building, with every office, every team and every modern professional in the world”.

The Elements of Workplace Experience

As broken down by the CRE Tenant & Occupant Hierarchy of Needs, office buildings primarily offer professionals, a structurally sound, safe, and comfortable place to work. A building that is clean, well-connected, and maintained. 

Contemporary workplaces go well beyond. They offer optimized amenities, services, retail opportunities, timely and meaningful communications and an elevated sense of belonging.

Like any ecosystem, each role and resource is significant. How these forces interact is what manifests into “experience”.

Technology Built to Complement Workplace Experience

Technology should be used to automate, integrate and advance the tools in our toolkit. The modern professional should be able to focus on the more meaningful tasks and relationships in their work-life. 

By adopting workplace experience technologies, the modern professional can become more deeply aware of their building community, amenities and offerings, without channelling energy into the minutiae of everyday work-life.

The Continuum of Experience

When an investment is made in experience, property teams are able to funnel energy into workflows and tools that boost productivity. Proactive and profitable business decisions can be made about improving the quality of the building based on the analysis of technical data rather than reactive assumptions.

A workplace that spends the time to build space and relationships to facilitate exceptional workplace experience favours every stakeholder in the building. 

By breathing life into office complexes around the world, we can see an evolution in the nature of work, employee wellbeing and the sense of community that often goes missing in our busy day-to-day.