Proptech for the Future: Preparing for Gen Z in the Workplace

It’s no question that Gen Z is disrupting the workforce, from the way they are being recruited, to how their needs affect management styles. Because of a high-tech and hyper-connected childhood, they are bringing with them a new set of expectations and inclinations into the workplace. Read on for our strategies for navigating the future of work with a staff of Generation Z professionals.

Review-based rankings

Due to the free digital connectedness of their upbringing, Generation Z workers are used to having a constant conversation via the internet at all times. When it comes to their reviews they prefer to be in constant contact with their superiors and be reviewed on a consistent basis. Gen Z now gets performance reviews daily (19%), weekly (24%) or regularly (23%), instead of annually (3%).

Face to face communications

While Gen Z absolutely values the ability to work from home, they wouldn’t say no to face time connects, or a few in-office days a month. Gen Z values training and development in a job, and sometimes that can best be done with face to face communications.

Implementing Video

There’s no question that Gen Z is the video generation, so whether you’re looking to employ more Gen Z employees or identify with them on a more personal level implement video branding into your company. According to Gen HQ Generation Z’s top platform to learn more about a company is YouTube, followed by Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Twitter, and then Glassdoor.

Work-life balance

Twenty-eight percent of young employees are frequently or constantly feeling burned out at work, a 7 percent increase over older generations. If you want to keep a Gen Z happy and working hard, look to aid them in maintaining a work-life balance.

In addition to a shift in the day to day programmatic interests and agendas of this new age workforce, workplaces themselves will need to change, in order to capture the next generation of employees, founders, consultants, and more.

As proptech prepares for Gen Z we should expect to see more predictive suggestions, for example, if someone wants to book a room, you may see a system automates suggestions of how to cast to the TV. There will also be more of a shift towards voice command allowing employees the ability to upload media in a variety of formats, audio, video, and even gif. Finally, there will likely be AR opportunities for indoor navigation or wayfinding, AR equipped conference rooms and meeting capabilities.

The expectations are only building with this tech-first generation and we hope to be the edge that makes the workplaces work for bright minds shaping our future.