Property Management Automation: How to Automate Building Tasks and Workflows

From room bookings to guest registration, learn how to automate the day-to-day tasks of managing a property using a workplace experience platform — and save hundreds of hours in the process.

Nowadays, managing commercial real estate involves so much more than just providing people with office space.

Today’s tenant expects a workplace experience that’s social, engaging, and perhaps most importantly, seamless.

As tenants continue to demand more and better amenities and easy-to-access services, the day-to-day operations required to keep your building running grow increasingly time-consuming, complicated, and tedious. 

Tasks like registering guests, promoting events, approving amenity bookings and more may even start to overwhelm your team and make them less efficient. Research shows that workers spend an average of 520 hours a year—more than a full day of work each week—on repetitive services and tasks that could be easily automated. 

Fortunately, automation technology offers a faster and more efficient way to handle day-to-day operations, resulting in better-managed buildings, better-performing property teams, and best of all, happier tenants.

This article breaks down what automation can do for property management, highlights five key tasks you can easily automate, and shows you how to get started

“Workers spend an average of 520 hours a year—more than a full day of work each week—on repetitive services and tasks that could be easily automated.” 

Using Automation for Property Management

When it comes to the routine tasks of property management, automation removes the need to rely on everything from email chains and phone calls to form-fills and face-to-face communications. Instead, it allows commercial building owners and property managers to create simple workflows to automatically notify the right people about the right information at the right time. How great is that?

“In about 60% of occupations, at least one-third of the activities that make up a specific job could be automated.”

In a nutshell, a “workflow” refers to a series of automatable actions in a given business process. In property management automation, workflows might include signing a visitor in, booking a conference room for a tenant (or approving a booking request), notifying a tenant when their guest has arrived, and so on.

By automating these and related workflows, property managers can save countless hours. Research shows that in about 60% of occupations, at least one-third of the activities that make up a specific job could be automated.

Five common property management tasks that can be automated

Automation can help speed up a number of processes in the workplace. Here are just a few.

1. Room bookings

With automation software, tenants can reserve, cancel, and/or modify room bookings with their smartphones or other devices, automatically sending notifications to the appropriate building team members whenever there’s a meaningful status update or request for approval. Tenants can receive reservation confirmation via SMS (text), email, and/or push notification, as well as receive reminders for when it’s time for their meeting to begin. 

Automating the room booking process not only reduces the time building staff must spend manually tracking reservations—it also ensures that booking information is kept safe and reduces the likelihood of mixups

2. Service, amenity, and event management 

With a smart web and mobile platform like Lane, tenants can sign up for yoga classes, workshops, daycare, and other services, events, and amenities with their smartphones, freeing up your property team from having to worry about things like overbooking, cancellations, reminders, promotions, and so on. You can also track RSVPs, manage check-ins, and facilitate ticket purchasing through the app, ensuring that any third party hosting an event in your building doesn’t need to rely on your staff to manage the sign-up process.

3. Visitor management

With a robust property management software, you can use workflows to automatically notify tenants and relevant building team members when their guests have arrived, as well as when they’ve left

4. Retail and payments

If you’re using a comprehensive property management software, you can also find ways to build transactions into the shared system and automate many of the steps involved. Tenants can use the app to shop with on-site retailers, connect with nearby businesses, order food and beverage, and make payments

The beauty of automation here is that each of these interactions can be set up to trigger automated workflows. For example, you can trigger an automated follow-up email to confirm a purchase or reservation, or send a notification to remind tenants of their bookings and upcoming orders.

5. Maintenance and cleaning requests

Property management software can also help automate day-to-day tasks like communicating maintenance and cleaning updates. Through workflow automation and related “self-serve” functionality, tenants can report maintenance issues or request cleanings via the app, and then track the status of their request without needing to check in with building staff. . When a maintenance ticket is closed after an elevator is repaired, for example, the tenant who reported the issue can automatically get a notification that the issue has been resolved. The same process applies for cleaning requests. After the room is cleaned and the request fulfilled, tenants can be automatically notified. By automating these tasks—in part or in whole—you can free up additional time for your building management team to focus on more meaningful work, and enable tenants to access necessary information quickly and easily.

Smart automation for property management

Task automation can be very simple for property managers to implement when they have the right software—especially one that allows building teams to create their own custom automations to suit their unique needs. Plus, having a user-friendly platform will encourage your tenants and staff to feel excited about the new changes

With a workplace automation software like Lane, property managers can transform their building into a well-oiled machine that hums along pleasantly and efficiently.

To learn more about how Lane can help you with property management automation tasks and workflows, get in touch, or request a demo today.

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