From Client Champion to Lane Team Member: Meet Property Manager Extraordinaire, Becki Kimpton

Nobody gets property management better than our clients. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our latest Lane team member: former PM Becki Kimpton from Colliers International!

At Lane, we take enormous pride in our team of diverse backgrounds, personalities, and talents. That’s why we’re excited to welcome our latest Lane team member: CRE subject matter expert and property management master Becki Kimpton!

One of the newest additions to our staff, Becki, worked closely with a star client, Colliers International, for many years. Recently, she switched perspectives and joined our team as an Onboarding Lead. 

Q: Becki, we are so excited to welcome you to our team. What was your first impression of Lane when working with Colliers over the years?

A: Having the opportunity to work with Lane and watch the team grow has been an awarding experience.  The team has secured its footing in an ever-growing market and has expanded its platform in becoming a necessity for commercial real estate owners and operators.

Q: Would you be able to describe the rapport that was built between your past Colliers team and Lane’s Customer Success team?

A: For the last two years, and going forward, Colliers has had the pleasure of being an external champion endorsing and recommending Lane, providing references and including their product as part of Colliers’ national platform for Class A Office. The Colliers team has been a champion of Lane throughout the growth and will continue to support Lane through their evolution.

Q: It’s been excellent to have Colliers on our client list throughout our formative start-up years. What was it like switching perspectives from being a Lane client in a very traditional corporate setting to becoming a member of the staff at a tech start-up?

A: Transitioning from being the Client to a ‘Lane team member’ is a scary, exciting new adventure. I hope that my skill set, knowledge and connections gained from the commercial real estate industry will be beneficial to Lane and the platform. I am thrilled that Lane has provided me with an opportunity to grow, learn new skills and become a subject-matter expert in an area that is up-and-coming and at the forefront of commercial real estate.  I look forward to the challenges ahead.

But I do always say, ‘once a property manager, always a property manager’. I hold the perspective dearly as it helps to inform how I empathize with clients in the same role I was so deeply familiar with.

Thank you, Becki. We’re very proud to have you on the team!

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