Lane Takes Home Four “Best Workplace” Awards

Not to brag but… we started 2021 off with some major wins! Read on to learn more about our recent awards as well as how Lane’s commitment to building better workplaces starts with our own team.

Lane is proud to announce that we have won four (that’s right, four!) “best workplace awards” this year:

  1. Canada’s Top Small and Medium Employers 2021® 
  2. Great Place to Work® – Best Workplaces(™) in Canada 2021 
  3. Great Place to Work® – Best Workplaces(™) for Start-ups 2021
  4. Great Place to Work® – Best Workplaces(™) for Women 2021

Despite the trials and tribulations of 2020, we’ve continued to reinforce our commitment to making the workplace a place to be. At Lane, we believe our best work is accomplished when our team members are prioritized and their voices are heard. As much as we value getting things done and pushing through difficult problems, we understand that none of this can be accomplished without collaboration, communication, and compassion in the office.

We’re constantly reevaluating how our workplace functions and refining what success looks like from an employee perspective. In short, our mission to improve the workplace experience begins with our own team, and the results speak for themselves. 

Below, we break down our award haul, and explain why we’re winning the company culture game.

Canada’s Top Small and Medium Employers 2021® 

The What 

Each year, Canada’s Top Small & Medium Employers (SMEs) recognizes smaller enterprises (defined as having fewer than 500 employees) that provide the best workplaces in the nation and the most forward-thinking human resource policies. 

The award is based on eight key criteria, including physical office space, atmosphere, health and financial benefits, skill development, and employee communications. 

The Why 

So how did Lane make the cut? Our commitment to the growth and development of our employees was one of the primary reasons. Lane offers tuition subsidies for employees looking to bone-up on their skill set, and provides subsidies for professional accreditation—and these incredible perks didn’t go unnoticed in this contest.

Additionally, Canada’s Top SMEs paid particular attention to how businesses have handled employee relations in the wake of COVID-19. At Lane, we retained each and every one of our employees during the pandemic—and actually hired even more. Our ability to grow despite these global challenges comes back to our determination to get things done—no matter what roadblocks lie ahead. 

We’ve taken a flexible approach to our workplace during the pandemic, and are working hard to ensure our employees are well-informed of changing policies, and feel safe and secure during this turbulent time. That includes providing a home office stipend to help facilitate comfort during work-from-home. Beyond these initiatives, we are generally taking the time to figure out what’s working (and what’s not) during the pandemic, in order to improve our office culture for years to come. 

Great Place to Work® – Best Workplaces(™) in Canada 2021

The What 

Great Place to Work is a globally recognized institution that each year rounds up a list of the 50 best places to work (per size category) in Canada. Using research-backed technology and proven methodologies, Great Place to Work is a leader in workplace research and consulting.

The “Best Workplace in Canada” award is determined using Great Place to Work’s Trust Index Survey, which focuses on establishing trust between employers and employees as a major factor in workplace satisfaction. 

The Why 

At Lane, we make an effort to consistently honour and respect the autonomy of our employees. We’re aligned with the idea that trust is key in creating a strong, motivated workforce—and that attitude is reflected in our human resources policies. 

Beyond supporting the growth and professional development of our team, we also prioritize their health and well-being through a number of programs, including our offering of unlimited sick and personal days. We value meeting employees where they’re at—not just professionally, but also physically and mentally. We strongly believe that granting our employees the freedom and autonomy to take a day off when they need it builds trust and respect among our team. In our experience, building that trust makes for a more communicative, honest, and productive workforce.

Great Place to Work® – Best Workplaces(™) for Start-ups 2021

The What 

Another Great Place to Work award, the “Best Workplaces for Start-ups” award recognizes the top 50 start-ups to work for across the entire country. The contest utilizes the same Trust Index Survey, questioning employees directly to determine which businesses meet the Great Place standard. 

(We should note that you have to be a previous Great Place winner to be eligible for this award—so shout out to two years in a row of exceptional company culture!)

The Why 

The start-up world talks a big game about company culture—but that doesn’t mean everyone is getting it right. The companies that received this award didn’t just get there by promoting a casual dress code or providing an open concept layout—they’re recognized because they structure their culture around helping employees thrive.

For the folks at Lane, that means providing perks that matter. A beer fridge and a ping pong table are definitely nice, but without robust professional and health supports in place, perks don’t mean a whole lot. We’ve already touched on our commitment to employee growth and autonomy, but another key element of our human resource strategy centres around providing benefits and perks that will make a material difference in our employees lives—giving them more energy and capacity to engage with work and bring forward their best ideas. That includes generous group benefits coverage and a health spendings account to suit any lifestyle, so that our employees and their families feel supported through thick and thin. Now that’s a perk we can get behind.

“A beer fridge and a ping pong table are definitely nice, but without robust professional and health supports in place, perks don’t mean a whole lot.”

Great Place to Work® – Best Workplaces(™) for Women 2021

The What

Finally, Lane is proud to announce that we also received the Great Place to Work award for “Best Workplaces for Women” this year. 

In order to be eligible for this award, companies need to have a minimum of 15 women employed, and at least 90% of employees must agree that people are treated fairly, regardless of their gender. The best of the best are then determined using the Trust Index Survey—but this time gathering scores from only female employees.  

The Why 

We’re particularly proud of this one. Because work is our business, we know more than anyone the challenges that women face in the workplace. In tech in particular, representation is a problem—women make up only 5% of leadership positions in the industry, and turnover rates for female employees are nearly twice as high compared to their male counterparts. 

These concerns are top of mind at Lane. That’s why we take our commitment to diversity and put it into action—not just words. This commitment is reflected not only in the leadership and composition of our company (Lane is 48.6% female!), but also in our approach to work. Communication and collaboration is key for us—and now more than ever, as employees have the freedom to do their jobs from anywhere, we’re embracing this opportunity to inject diverse perspectives into our work. 

“Because work is our business, we know more than anyone the challenges that women face in the workplace.”

From a human resource standpoint, we understand how important women’s perspectives are. That’s why we support women’s lived experience with flexible maternity leave options, including top-up payments of up to 17 weeks. We believe that in making space for diverse perspectives, we can better serve our clients and our employees simultaneously.

What Makes Lane Different 

You already know about the perks and benefits that Lane offers—but what makes Lane a truly great place to work? It’s all about values. 

Our mission is to transform workplaces for the better—and that mission starts in our own backyard. Putting our employees at the centre of our business has paid us back ten-fold—in new ideas spurred by collaboration, and in immense talent supported by our commitment to professional growth and personal well-being. 

Did we mention we’re hiring?