From CRE to VIP: How Tenant Deals & Discounts Can Help Attract, Engage, and Retain

Roll out the red carpet with an experience they can get nowhere else.

From fitness classes to social events, there are many ways to delight tenants at your properties. But as companies turn to remote and hybrid working models, it can be hard to reach them in the first place!

Enter Lane Perks, a web and mobile solution that puts savings at your tenants’ fingertips. With Lane Perks, you can reach your tenants whether they’re in the office or not — and make them feel like the VIPs they truly are. 

Don’t believe us? Take a look at the following 9 reasons to see why leaders in commercial real estate should think about adding a digital perks program to their suite of tenant services and amenities.

Here’s to great perks. #VIP

1. Offer a Triple A experience.

Whether it’s a downtown skyscraper or a suburban lowrise, digital perks programs give property managers the ability to deliver an exceptional tenant experience — regardless of class, size, or location. 

2. Save your tenants money.

Fact: everyone loves to save money. Tenant barbecues are great, and a strong newsletter is nothing to sneeze at, but putting dollars back in their pockets will forever be appreciated for what it is: a real value-add.

3. Reach them anytime, anywhere.

Brick-and-mortar amenities are key to tenant engagement, but in an age of “hybrid” and “remote” working models, it’s important to complement onsite facilities with a digital amenity they can enjoy wherever they are. That’s what Lane Perks is all about.

4. Offer something for everyone.

No two tenants are the same, which makes it hard to deliver value across the board. With a strong perks program like Lane Perks, you can address the “different tastes” challenge by offering a little something for everyone. 

  • Movies
  • Restaurants
  • Sporting Events
  • Hotels
  • Car Rentals
  • Family Attractions
  • Theatre Performances
  • Theme Parks
  • Lift tickets
  • Museums
  • And more!

5. Make a low-cost investment.

Fitness studios are a strong draw for any tenant — they’re also expensive as heck! A virtual perks program like Lane Perks provides CRE leaders with a low-cost “digital amenity” that gets your occupants’ attention. No build-outs required.

6. Get with the times!

Today’s modern professional lives a digital-first lifestyle. By extending your services to the web and mobile arena, you can reach them where they spend most of their time and deliver an experience fit for the modern age. It’s seamless, it’s enjoyable, and it’s twenty-first century.

7. Stand apart from the crowd.

How many properties offer their tenants an engaging web and mobile experience that puts savings at their fingertips? That’s what we thought! But seriously: as companies look for help in an increasingly competitive bid for talent, this is just the kind of differentiator they can use.

8. Give them the VIP treatment.

People love to feel special (it’s human nature!). By offering exclusive deals and special offers they can’t get anywhere else, you can give your tenants that “VIP” feeling that takes your property and its services to the next level. 

9. And so much more…

These are just a few of the ways to think about how a discount entertainment services platform like Lane Perks can help leaders in commercial real estate achieve their goals. But to be honest, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. See for yourself!…

  • Balance local deals with premium global offerings
  • Go beyond savings to offer early bird access and skip-the-line tickets
  • Generate buzz with emails, posters, and other marketing materials
  • Turn it on almost overnight with our turnkey solution

Here’s to great perks!

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