A Remote Control for the Office: How to Improve the Workplace Experience with Web and Mobile Booking

Leverage smart booking functionality to improve the workplace experience at your properties, and create a more efficient (and profitable!) office space.

Maybe your building has world-class facilities, amenities, and services. But if using those resources requires tedious form-filing, waiting on the phone, or endless email requests, chances are your millennial tenants won’t even bother trying. Worse still: with so many barriers to access, tenants may not even know these resources even exist!

Not only does poor booking management create friction for tenants, threatening retention as businesses seek out more seamless workspaces—it also makes things more difficult for property managers to manage. So, how can you ensure that every square inch of your building is working for both you and your tenants? 

Answer: a remote control for the workplace.

“If using booking resources requires tedious form-filing, waiting on the phone, or endless email requests, chances are your millennial tenants won’t even bother trying.”

That’s right, we’re talking about a seamless, easy-to-use, mobile-first booking system that allows tenants to browse and book everything from conference rooms to fitness studios to bike lockers (to hot desks to meeting rooms to parking spaces…). 

By putting the workplace in the palm of your tenants’ hands, smart booking functionality allows tenants to take advantage of all your building has to offer—without any administrative hassle. 

In this post, we break down how simple and convenient booking can improve your workplace by making life easier for tenants, more efficient for property managers, and last but not least, by opening up new revenue streams. The result? A more seamless and enjoyable workplace for all. 

Improve Your Tenant Experience

From hair cuts to taxis to take-out, we book everything online these days. But if everything we want in our personal lives is available at our fingertips, why not deliver that experience where we spend roughly a third of our waking lives: the workplace? 

Put differently: modern professionals are allergic to hassle, so it’s easy to see why many if not most building amenities go unnoticed and unused without the help of a simplified and streamlined booking tool. Fortunately, with a mobile-first system like Lane, booking a meeting room, social event, fitness class, or workshop couldn’t be easier. 

Tenants and employees can simply scroll and browse through dozens of spaces and facilities—including boardrooms, hot desks, and other flex spaces—and can filter their search by things like room capacity or whether or not specific features are available (e.g., a TV), in order to quickly find the perfect space and book it on the spot. Plus, the ability to integrate bookings with work calendars and invite guests from outside the building makes event organization a breeze. Our booking tool even allows employees to order catering for a specific event, and request a clean-up for afterwards.

“If everything we want in our personal lives is available at our fingertips, why not deliver that experience where we spend roughly a third of our waking lives: the workplace?” 

Not only does streamlined booking create convenience for individual tenants—it also ensures that your property and its various spaces will become a hub for collaboration and team-building. At Lane, we find that the more we can eliminate the barriers preventing professionals from engaging with their building, the more we see workplaces transform into real communities where people (and, subsequently, businesses) thrive. 

Turn Empty Space into New Revenue Opportunities

If a complex booking experience makes tenants less likely to use your amenities (let alone know about them), then it will definitely inhibit their willingness to pay for them. That’s where a smart booking system can really shine.

Enter Lane. Our booking functionality allows you to take full financial advantage of your building’s space, with the ability to monetize everything from high-demand conference rooms to that yoga studio no one even knew about, all within an easy-to-use mobile platform. 

Our quick book-and-pay capabilities give your building the power to turn any room—even previously vacant spaces—into popular professional hubs on demand. With a booking system this simple to use, you can leverage every nook and cranny in the building. 

Plus, the app allows you to promote the amenities and facilities throughout your building in the first place, so that tenants actually know what resources are available to them, and can easily access and pay for them through their phones. Plus, Lane’s data dashboard allows you to see which spaces are being used the most (and least) so you can organize your building in a way that ensures profitability. 

The monetization process is simple, too. In-app payments via credit and debit, plus integrations for credit and invoicing, mean it’s as easy as the click of a button to transform a previously unused (or hard to book) space into a brand new revenue stream. You can set a flat rate for hourly bookings, or even set surge pricing for peak times. Using a simplified, automated payment system means you have more money to invest in your building—and your tenants have more of a reason to stick around. 

Free Up Your Building Team

When building teams are forced to spend hours of their day managing booking requests, cancellations, modifications, and chasing after payments, they lose opportunities to spend time on more impactful projects. That’s where automated booking comes in.

Lane allows you to create a beautiful, configurable booking experience for tenants using our drag-and-drop builder, which allows you to brand rooms just the way you like them with your own imagery and graphics. Configure anything—from access permissions to the overall look and feel of the system. You can even customize the platform to promote specific amenities on the homepage, making your spaces even more appealing to tenants. 

The best part? Once you’ve customized the system to suit your needs, booking becomes entirely “tenant self-serve,” with the ability to automate notifications, easily process payments, and quickly receive and manage requests. Status updates on spaces can even be automated through our workflow automation tool, saving your building teams time and energy managing multiple reservations and requests.

Work Smarter with Data-Driven Decision Making

When building teams rely on ad-hoc email requests or (even worse) manual paper forms to book rooms and amenities, not only do they lose the opportunity to create a seamless experience for tenants and staff—they miss out on key data insights that can serve the building for years to come.

With Lane’s booking functionality, you can quickly review analytics to learn how and when tenants are using your facilities. Want to know which spaces are in demand and which aren’t? Use our data dashboard to track amenity utilization and evaluate which types of spaces are most popular. Need to determine when certain spaces should be available? Find out the most popular booking times and their average duration, so you can ensure accessibility when it matters. 

Data and analytics features make it easy to learn what your tenants really like and create amenities that are tailored to your tenants’ needs. But not only that, they also help to ground important decisions in real data. Instead of making arbitrary decisions about how to maximize value, you can clearly and accurately determine how to monetize popular spaces, and reallocate unpopular rooms for more meaningful purposes. 

Conclusion: One Tool, Limitless Possibilities.

At Lane, we’re all about using technology to improve the workplace experience. Maybe booking management seems like a small (if intimidating) logistical touchpoint—but through the power of smart web and mobile technology, the right booking experience has the power to engage tenants, remove administrative grunt work, and open up brand new revenue streams. With our booking functionality in your pocket, Lane allows you to unlock the full potential of your workspace.