21 Commercial Real Estate Resources for Property Owners and Managers

Whether you’re a property owner, property manager, or flex space provider, here are 21 commercial real estate resources to help you stay ahead of the curve.

The world of commercial real estate has a lot going on at the moment. Tenants are returning to the workplace with new mandates in place, expectations for a safe and digitally connected environment are on the rise, and businesses are expecting their buildings to offer flex workspace capabilities. In short, commercial property owners and operators are juggling many responsibilities.

It can be tough to keep up with all of the new trends, technology, and resources circulating in the industry. But for CRE owners and operators that want to stay one step ahead of the pack and keep their tenants happy, it’s important to stay in the loop.

It can be tough to keep up with all of the new trends, technology, and resources circulating in the industry. But for CRE owners and operators that want to stay one step ahead of the pack and keep their tenants happy, it’s important to stay in the loop.

So whether you’re a commercial real estate property owner or manager, this article has 21 great resources we’ve identified across three categories to help you stay ahead of the curve in commercial real estate.

Resources to help confidently navigate your tenants returning to the workplace

As the world looks to get back to business as usual, it’s important to have a plan in place to help your tenants return to the office. Here are some resources to welcome them back with confidence.

1. Recovery Readiness: A How-to Guide for Reopening Your Workplace

This guide outlines the best practices and workplace readiness essentials as your tenants return to the office. The six practices and protocols recommended in this guide have been implemented at many locations around the world and produced successful results.

2. Returning to the Workplace Amidst COVID-19

Businesses and jurisdictions around the globe are subject to different mandates and experience different response-recovery life cycles. This resource delves into seven key areas to facilitate a safe return-to-work (RTO).

3. 4 Return-To-Work Trends That Will Last For Decades To Come

If you’re implementing RTO measures, this guide from Lane on the trends in return-to-office is a good starting point. Also be sure to check out our Return To Workplace Toolkit—a four-part resource to help CRE owners and operators tackle some of the most common return-to-workplace issues.

what's your biggest struggle with working remotely?

4. Returning to the Workplace Checklist

This resource not only has a checklist for your immediate implementation, but also details on how to plan and prioritize once you’ve got the fundamentals ironed out. 

5. Back to the Office: How Landlords can Provide a Safe Return to the Workplace for Tenants

This next resource addresses workplace safety in terms of familiar measures like social distancing. It also outlines the technology you can utilize to ensure a safe and smooth RTO.

6. Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19

This Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guide aims to identify risk levels in the workplace and helps determine appropriate control measures to implement.

7. A Guide to Returning to Work in the Next Normal

As tenants and their employees return to the office, property managers have to think about ways to regard their safety while at the same time bolstering property operations. This is a re-entry guide to navigate the next normal.

Resources to implement & optimize your flex space offering

The emergence of flex spaces (or flexible work spaces) in commercial real estate has been a key trend to follow, with tenants and property owners both interested in creating new ways to use the spaces available to them. The articles and reports in this section will help you better understand what factors should be considered as you navigate the new flex world.

8. Launching a Flexible Space: 6 Strategies for CRE Owners

In this resource, you can learn about the many components that form the flex space model to launch and position comfortably in this evolving market.  

9. Flex-Space is Changing the Way Commercial Real Estate Thinks About Occupancy

This resource talks about flex space being the answer to the growing demand for shorter lease terms and flexibility. This is especially true when tenants come back to the office after the pandemic. 

Flex Space is Changing the Way Commercial Real Estate Thinks About Occupancy

10. How CRE Organizations Think Workspace Will Be Repurposed Post-COVID-19

As a property owner, you have to position yourself as an agent of change to redefine your office space. This article has insights from leading CRE experts on how you can do that and establish new workspace models.

11. Global Office Impact Study & Recovery Timing Report

Good news for CRE in this report—it finds that the demand for office space will continue to grow despite the new work-from-home trends. The report also delves deeper into the impact of COVID-19 on CRE and flex spaces.

12. CRE 2020 Report: What Corporate Real Estate Tenants Want

CRE property owners should understand the needs of tenants so that you can exceed expectations and win them back to the office. This report talks about the expectations of tenants with a particular focus on flexible spaces and the idea of “space as a service.”

13. The Rise of Real Estate as a Service

Space as a service is a tenant-focused approach that creates a sense of community for the tenants to keep coming back for more. This resource covers the expectations of different people involved—landlords, tenants, and service providers. It also explores different space-as-a-service models. 

Resources to deliver a consistent and superior tenant experience with technology

Tenant experience has always been at the forefront of real estate management. In the last few years, technology has played a major role in how commercial property owners and managers approach tenant experience. The below-listed resources explain leveraging technology to create a positive tenant experience.

14. The Proptech Paradigm Shift Part 1: Space as a Service is No Longer Enough

The first of the four-part series by Lane talks about the paradigm shifts in property management technology and providing holistic offerings to match the cultural shifts of a modern office-goer.

15. Three ways the top CRE firms are boosting NOI

Decreasing expenses and increasing rent aren’t the only ways to boost Net Operating Income (NOI). This resource explores leveraging data to increase NOI.

16. How COVID-19 Is Burning the Fat off the Tenant Experience Proposition

Tenant-experience technology isn’t just a “nice to have” in your offerings anymore. In this article, learn about the relevance of tenant-experience platforms, especially in the time of a crisis like COVID-19.

17. How to Create a Winning Commercial Real Estate Marketing Strategy in 2020

Commercial real estate marketing isn’t only about billboards and radio ads. This post talks about the power of harnessing emails for CRE managers by way of segmentation and personalization. Look out for this feature in your tenant experience platform.

18. How Commercial Real Estate Firms use Technology to Secure a Future

Technology, especially a platform that improves operational efficiency, not only saves you costs but also helps you fare better during challenging times like COVID-19. This write-up outlines the three steps it takes to implement a technology strategy.

19. How to Future Proof Your Real Estate Business

The pandemic accelerated the adoption of proptech like nothing else. From the Internet of Things (IoT) to digital access control, this article takes stock of the technology that will future-proof your CRE business.

How to future proof your real estate business

20. How a Mix of Mobile Technology and Streamlined Communication can Usher Employees Back and Have Them Working Effectively

Ensuring safe space isn’t limited to the physical space alone. How do you put your tenants’ and their employees’ minds at ease about returning to the office? This resource discusses using effective communication to inspire confidence for RTO.

21. 2021 Commercial Real Estate Outlook

While location was a huge deciding factor for businesses before the pandemic, this guide talks about how health and safety-related smart building features will play a more important role in leasing decisions going forward. 

Next steps

There you have it—a bookmark-able resource with 21 articles and reports you can refer to as a commercial property owner or operator to better understand three core industry areas:

  1. Return-to-workplace
  2. Flex space
  3. Tenant experience

Keeping your CRE business ahead of the curve can be overwhelming. It’s our hope that these resources can help you stay in the know and be prepared for the challenges commercial property owners and operators are facing today.

To learn more about how a workplace experience platform can help your CRE business in 2021, get in touch, or request a demo today.