Our Top 10 Podcast Picks for Commercial Real Estate Professionals

Below, we break down the commercial real estate podcasts you should be listening to right now to stay on top of the latest innovations in CRE.

Ever feel like you’re drowning in the news when it comes to commercial real estate? Fear not! We’ve pulled together a list of our favourite commercial real estate podcasts from across the industry landscape. 

Each of these podcasts conveniently packs everything you need to know about CRE and PropTech into short, informative, and entertaining episodes. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and listen. 

1. For the Latest Trending Topics: CBRE’s The Weekly Take

CBRE’s in-house commercial real estate podcast brings you well-thought-out, diverse episodes, covering everything from the future of work to the role of the timber industry in a large-scale building. 

The Weekly Take features thirty to forty-five-minute forty-five minute episodes hosted by Spencer Levy, Global Chief Client Officer and Senior Economic Advisor at CBRE. Each week, Spencer chats with leaders in the Commercial Real Estate space from across the globe about the most pressing issues facing the industry today. Expect lively discussion on a diverse range of topics—so you’ll never get bored.

2. For Everything You Need to Know About PropTech: LMRE’s The Propcast

LMRE is the world’s leading PropTech recruiter and one of Lane’s partnering organizations. LMRE’s co-founder and current director, Louisa Dickens, hosts this commercial real estate podcast that provides listeners with a deep dive deep-dive into the ever-evolving world of PropTech.

The podcast covers topics such as ConTech, the work-from-home revolution, and property law, with a specific focus on innovation and technology within the space. In Each episode, Louisa is joined by PropTech innovators from around the world—giving this podcast a global appeal. The Propcast has even produced entire episodes dedicated to PropTech trends in specific countries and regions (including Canada!)

3. For Stories from Industry Leaders: Leading Voices in Real Estate with Matt Slepin

If it’s the inspiration you’re looking for, Leading Voices is a commercial real estate podcast that features experts in real estate and adjacent industries. In Each episode, host Matt Slepin speaks to the best and the brightest in various commercial real estate spaces as they share their thoughts and insights on the current state of CRE.

Leading Voices presents a great opportunity to hear from leaders across a variety of sectors, from hospitality to investment. But not only that, the podcast also digs deep into each of its guests’ personal stories, giving listeners a chance to hear about how guests’ careers have been shaped over the years. A great listen for those looking to be informed and inspired by monumental figures in the commercial real estate industry. 

4. For Exploring the Future of CRE: Work/Place

One of the more unique and fascinating podcasts on the list, Work/Place is a collaboration between Lane founders Clinton Robinson and Kofi Gyekye, and From Later, an interdisciplinary foresight studio based in Toronto. 

Hosted by Sydney Allen-Ash, Work/Place is a different kind of commercial real estate podcast. Rather than focusing on concrete trends or existing issues in the industry, each episode kicks off with a soundscape that presents a hypothetical future work environment. From there, Clinton, Kofi, and Sydney talk through the soundscape with guests from all kinds of interdisciplinary backgrounds—spanning fields such as architecture, environmental studies, and digital anthropology. 

The exploration of these soundscapes leads to thrilling conversations that get to the core of how work and place interact and how those interactions might change in the future, given rapid advancements in technology, the increasingly nomadic nature of work, and the ongoing climate crisis. If you’re already hooked and ready to dive in, you can start by reading our summaries of the podcast here. 

5. For an American Perspective: America’s Commercial Real Estate Show

If you’re looking to learn more about the commercial real estate industry in the United States, America’s Commercial Real Estate Show provides market intelligence, forecasts, and strategies to listeners across the globe.  

Hosted by Michael Bull, a trusted voice in the industry, this commercial real estate podcast features weekly, thirty-minute long episodes in conversation with economists, analysts, and industry leaders. Broadcast in forty major U.S radio markets, the podcast’s mission is to provide listeners with real, actionable business intelligence and best practices that can be leveraged in the real world. 

6. For a Canadian Perspective: Commercial Real Estate Podcast 

For a home-grown look at the commercial real estate market in Canada, look no further than the Commercial Real Estate Podcast, powered by First National Financial and hosted by lenders and podcast enthusiasts Aaron Cameron and Adam Powadiuk. 

It’s the only podcast to focus exclusively on the Canadian commercial real estate market, so it guarantees a unique perspective that you won’t find anywhere else on the airwaves. Aaron and Adam have intentionally kept the format loose, granting their industry guests space to tell their stories their way. As a result, each episode offers diverse perspectives that tell the story of Canada’s commercial real estate landscape. 

7. For a Fun Twist on an Old Classic: Real Estate Reality Check 

Real Estate REality Check is the brainchild of Larry Haber, a former developer and current managing partner of the commercial real estate department of AGMB Law.

Like many other commercial real estate podcasts on this list, REality Check features conversations with real estate and business rockstars with an aim to empower real estate professionals as they build their careers. The twist? Larry blends his conversations with rock n’ roll, hip-hop, sports, pop culture and historical questions—giving listeners a fun, candid look into the minds of industry leaders. 

8. For News on the Latest PropTech Innovations: PropTech Podcast 

Eddie Holmes, host of the PropTech Podcast, has vast experience in both the commercial real estate and tech field, which is why he created the best podcast dedicated to the world of PropTech. The podcast is particularly interested in exploring the ways technological innovation shapes commercial real estate transactions. 

While new episodes are currently on hiatus, the podcast has a backlog of eighty-three episodes, each exploring the influence of tech on the commercial real estate landscape, with guests and panels from the PropTech sector. 

9. For the Latest on Space-as-a-Service (SpaaS): #WorkBold Podcast 

Space-as-a-Service is the latest growing trend in the commercial real estate industry and represents a paradigm shift from old models of asset ownership to new models focused on providing services to meet tenant’s needs. 

The #WorkBold Podcast is the first and only podcast in the world specifically focused on the SPaaS model, and as a result, is a great place to start if you want to learn more about how SPaas works. Host Caleb Parker brings on guests that are challenging the status quo in the industry, making this podcast a great listen for those interested in disrupting the CRE space. 

10. For a Broader Perspective: Monocle’s The Urbanist

For a broader look at how cities, buildings, and people interact and innovate, try The Urbanist. While Monocle’s award-nominated podcast is not specifically focused on commercial real estate, it explores the making of better cities by zooming in on various elements of our built environment—and commercial real estate is certainly a piece of that puzzle.